There is no better place to be than at home outdoors either with a cup of coffee, glass of wine or holding a birthday cake fully lit with candles surrounded by loved ones. These moments are happening at all hours of the day and night in the Hamptons and the catalyst for this elevated lifestyle is the Outdoor Kitchen. The most desirable place outdoors to conjure up to is the Outdoor Kitchen. Outdoor Living beyond the walls of your home outdoors has become one of the hottest trends in the past five years and now is headed into over drive with the emergence of Outdoor Kitchens becoming extremely popular. The reason why people are seeking as much time as possible recreating while still being anchored to home, your family members and work obligations. It seems that we can micro manage all this while enjoying endless hours outdoors from your own home.

Chef Rudy cooking burnt garlic broccoli on the EVO grillMultiple heat sources strategically placed in the outdoor kitchen design enable you to have farm stand fresh vegetables as a side for dinner. Its great moments like these that makes spending times with friends and family outdoors to be the most memorable events they remember.

So how does the Outdoor Kitchen hold its own outdoors as the reputation upheld by the indoor kitchen indoors being the hub and vibe of the home? It has to be fully equipped, have plenty of counters and contain multiple heat sources that can make all kinds of food at all hours of the day. This type of multi faceted outdoor kitchen concept lends its hand to living beyond the walls off your home fabulously all four seasons day and night.

The design of the outdoor kitchen has to be instrumental in many ways. The Outdoor Kitchen should be able to prepare food, cook, entertain and clean throughout the outing during all four seasons in amongst varying temperatures.


The surrounding outdoor living space should entice family members to be inspired to be outdoors with friends and family spending endless hours with one another. As a professional outdoor kitchen specialist in the Hamptons our initial mindset is the intent of the outdoor kitchen and the success of the surrounding outdoor living space enabling a higher quality of life spent outdoors. Some people would define it as a luxury lifestyle. Maybe it should be considered a family lifestyle. These are the moments we set the stage for Outdoor Living FABULOUSLY.

Consult a professional Outdoor Kitchen specialistfor planning and building the perfect outdoor kitchen for your family, friends and caterers to enjoy starts with the components of the Outdoor kitchen shape. The ideas at hand will inspire you and give insight on how to build just the right amount of outdoor living space, learn about some great outdoor products, find ways to incorporate the things you like to do best outdoors, and come to realize that this could possibly be the best room "outside the house”. The U shaped outdoor kitchen island makes for an inviting gathering place for conversation while the chef is hard at "play".

HamptonsFabulous.com Outdoor Kitchens designed with the chef in mind"A rewarding lifestyle shared with family and friends celebrating life's most memorable moments Outdoors is our signature to every outdoor kitchen we build"

A Great way to configure the layout and shape of the Outdoor Kitchen island is to identify the grill, burners, appliances, cabinets and sitting areas if any. This spatial relationship between components starts to derive how much space is necessary in the layout and how much area is needed to fulfill the needs of the outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous Design Builder Michael GotowalaWouldn't you like to see the Outdoor Kitchen design, shape and location before you commit to building it? Well now you can and actually pretty accurately too. Let our design team at HamptonsFabulous.com help assist you with the layout, intent and equipment needed to build a FABULOUS OUTDOOR KITCHENShown above is a 3d Design by the staff at The Outdoor Kitchen Design Store.

Don't Disappoint yourself build just the right amount of OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE

The second reason outdoor kitchens have elevated family time outdoors is that there is so much more to do than just grilling. With today's influx of outdoor grills, cookers, smokers, warming drawers, pizza ovens and power burners it is no wonder that the size and planning for the right amount of outdoor kitchen space gets clouded and confusing.Culinary delight now meets conversation and this is the how outdoor living creates its own entity of space.A clever way to design the outdoor leisure space is introduce the Outdoor kitchen island with built in sitting counters closely adjacent to an eating area. This approach is very successful in welcoming guests to come out and feel welcomed to have conversation while food is being prepared and cooked outdoors. That's half the feeling of FABULOUS for guests to be able to be helpful and be casual at the same time.

LOOK beyond the Grill when considering your outdoor space.

This was a great night in East Hampton with HamptonsFabulous Chef RudyOutdoor Kitchens elevate the quality of life spent outdoors in the Hamptons

When considering your new outdoor kitchen space it is best to move the thought process of the design for a moment to mimic an indoor kitchen in which the way it functions, looks aesthetically and holds all the outcomes it provides as a central link to the house and its family members. The outdoor kitchen layout should be the highlight of outdoor activity.The view from both the grill master and the conversing guests should be pleasing and welcoming. There is no reason not to take a good vantage point and location from the back yard to start the process. Secondly define the intent. Is this the family outdoor kitchen space for everyday grilling opportunities for friends and family? Are you fortunate enough to have a second outdoor kitchen space with various culinary appliances for entertaining.

Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous design builder Michael GotowalaThe difference between Outdoor Livng and Living Outdoors Fabulously is by design.

Once you have a handle on what you want to be capable of doing with your outdoor kitchen you can ripple your way through a more clearer intent of purpose for this newly found outdoor living space. Too many times people are always thinking of that great party for "fifty plus" when it only happens once in a great while. The hub of the outdoor kitchen expands into the yard more easily than you would imagine with temporary tables, tents etc. when necessary. Thats what the yard and patio spaces are for.

The Outdoor Kitchen Design StoreThe Outdoor Kitchen should be able to entertain, prepare, cook, serve and clean during all phases of the party

So many comments from couples when their decision to build an outdoor kitchen is torn halfway. The most common expression is "Well I don't Grill or cook outdoors". How could you not? And if you don't, create the space so your guests and friends come over and are impelled to take the "Grill over". There is always one of those in the crowd. With todays great looking, high performance grills it easy to make it the highlight of the party. Today's grills have LED lites, easy closing lids, infrared burners, smart cooking technology, and multi purpose steamer, fryer capability to help raise the bar to earn you the title "GRILL MASTER”.

Too often I hear I don't know how or what to cook. Reach out to the bookstore, follow chefs or food shows on the internet or latch onto a few good blogs. There is so much to grill, cook and serve outdoors. Everything you could cook indoors can be handled outdoors and with a lot less mess.

A well equipped outdoor kitchen can cook food from sun up to well past sun down.HamptonsFabulous.com Outdoor Kitchen Collection designed with the chef in mind.

Expand your culinary horizons. Dash some steak seasoning and oregano on your next cheeseburger and perfect a few family "favs" that are on the weekly menu. That becomes a great time to serve some new recipes alongside. Lastly comes to mind is the expression "Its too much work". A great deal of that can be put to rest with a great comprehensive Outdoor Kitchen design.

"An outdoor kitchen equipped with working space, multiple grills, power burners, warming drawers, live sink, refrigeration, storage, trash pull, ample counters with sitting space and much more lifestyle amendments to mimic your cooking lifestyle indoors makes outdoor living Fabulous."-Michael Gotowala Outdoor Kitchen Specialist

Michael Gotowala is truly an exceptional Outdoor living fabulously designer and masterful outdoor kitchen builder known to excel in the residential sector niche of Luxury Outdoor Living.

The U shaped Outdoor Kitchen works well for family and friends."A rewarding lifestyle shared with family and friends outdoors is our signature to every Outdoor Kitchen we build"- Michael Gotowala Hamptons Outdoor Kitchen Fabulous

Outdoor Kitchens continue to be FABULOUS in the Hamptons.

Great outdoor kitchen ideas, outdoor appliances and proven outdoor products available at HamptonsFabulous.com Outdoor Kitchens designed with the chef in mind.

What are you waiting for lets build that OUTDOOR KITCHEN



Dec 2nd 2019 Michael Gotowala founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE

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